Some Good Ideas To Work With A Sewing Contractor 
Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 08:27 AM
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Are you finding a good sewing contractor in New York City to sew your garments for your special occasions or events? Garment sewing becomes essential service and this becomes inevitable for the people who wear garments regularly on their way to office or other trade. Working with a sewing contractor in New York can be lot of challenges. If you know exact process and identify your hopes early then it will make some difference.

You should remember some tips while you work with sewing contractor:

a. Give the contractor a cutting ticket for every order
A cutting ticket should be there to add name and style number, image, pattern, quantity, sizes, color, detail instructions etc. You should not assume that verbal communication with the contractor will get succeeded. You should give in writing. This enables them to remember what you want.

b. Samples cost more than you think
If you produce samples it will make your cost double or triple for production. This is urgent knowing what you think how many types of styles will be there in your collection. Some contractors want to make samples but some of them do not use it at all. Sample sewing is not preferred by them.

c. Clear payments
You should pay the wages on time for the production or manufacturing the garments. You should do this by piece or hour of sewing as these two are the standard means of sewing. You should be sure to make this clear and you can remember this to discuss about the payment method so that you can avoid any problem related to the payments later.

d. Price change for higher quantities may not be good
A number of producers follow old pricing system. Price depends on quantity. For example you can order to your garment sewing contractor to sew a bulk amount of clothes but will it be really fruitful. Will all the garments be fruitful for your business? If not you can save some money with making less garments. Extra pieces of garments will enhance your cost for the garments sewing. Extra inventory can kill the inventory or cash flow of the business.

e. Leave worm room for production time
You should remember about your stress while sewing the clothes. You should arrange for some lagging to reduce your pressure a lot. You should keep two weeks towards the production time and one week for the fabric delivery process.

f. Respect your sewers
Respecting your sewers will motivate them to work with their best quality. This way you can get maximum output. It will boost the environment into your workplace. It is not easy to run the industry like sewing so you should treat the contractors as your partners. You should respect for their talents then only it will run smoothly.

g. Punctual payment
Punctual payment can make relationships in this industry and a business runs on the relationships.

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